TRAVEL – Weekend in Hamburg, Germany

I had a short weekend trip to Hamburg, Germany. I have been loving to be in waterside area for living or getting fresh air. That is why Hamburg is the best and the most perfect area to be or stay in Germany. Unfortunately, I was not able to live in this city since I moved […]

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TRAVEL – Enjoy Light Signal Festival in Prague, Czech Republic

I would like to introduce one cool event that you can enjoy when you visit Prague. Genre Exhibition, Festival of light Recent Begins 10 October 2019 Recent Ends 13 October 2019 Frequency Annual Location Prague, Czech Republic Inaugurated 2013 Website Signal Festival is a four-day festival of light art and emerging technologies in Prague, Czech Republic. Held annually […]

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TRAVEL – CIDER – Apple Bandit in Amsterdam Netherlands

Having a short break from long business trip at a pub on the street in Amsterdam , Netherlands Stopped by a random pub during waiting time on business trip in July 2019. It was not so far from Amsterdam main city center, but was in more like narrow street than main stream. Sunset on the […]

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TRAVEL – Having beer break in Stockholm Sweden

On a weekend after busy weekdays, I took a walk in a little bit cloudy weather. I rather enjoy walking in less sunny weather than shiny warm day. Speaking of which, it is one of the most attractive points of Stockholm in Sweden. I love moody and stylish city view in slight grayish weather. Everywhere […]

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TRAVEL – FOOD – Lobster and Calzone in London UK

The best food must be always considered on Travels. Popular restaurants are what tourists search for at first to decide. How about Burger & Lobster ? I have been one in Soho, London.As expected, waiting line was long enough to make us tired. But as soon as we finally got our seat and order Lobster, […]

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