Daily Inspiration – How I Overcame Insomnia

Are you good at sleeping? I had an insomnia before. It took a nap almost every hour, and when I woke up, it was really dying. There were friends who slept well when I lay down, and they were so envious.  Due to his useless personality, he couldn’t sleep well, and this often led to his condition hunting […]

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Daily Inspiration – Love – 4 Things To Check Before Your Serious Long Lasting Relationship

Relationships are hard work and while there are plenty of couples out there who have been together for decades, everyone has their unique, respective secret sauce that keeps their love tank full.  If you want to have long-lasting relationship with your current partner, you might want to know if he or she would be the right person to […]

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Daily Inspiration – How To Grow Professionally While in Quarantine / I Am Expat

With the whole world “on hold”, now is a good opportunity to prepare for what lies after the quarantine, when the boundaries will reopen and face-to-face meetings are, once again, allowed and welcome. Think of this current “free time” as a gift, a moment for ourselves that we’re hard-pressed to find in our regular lives.  So how can we […]

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Daily Inspiration – To All The People Who Think They Are Introvert / p.s. Does It Matter?

Are you sure of that you are introvert? Extrovert people usually get energy from people having active social activity and interaction, on the other hand, introvert types want to have their own space time for getting energy they need for living. Extrovert types are not specially sensitive of external stimulation, therefore, it makes them want […]

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