LIFE IN GERMANY – 6 Best Cities In Germany For Work You Must Know

Using a comprehensive methodology, based on German cities’ performance in vital aspects related to work like job offerings, salaries, living costs and future prospects, I present the list of best cities in Germany for work. Let’s get started of the 6 best cities in Germany for work! 1.Frankfurt Frankfurt is the fifth biggest German city […]

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MUSIC ARTIST – Hyukoh Band Comes Frankfurt Germany Soon !

Hyukoh is a South Korean indie band signed to DooRooDooRoo Artist Company. The band was formed in May 2014 and consists of leader, singer, and guitarist Oh Hyuk, bassist Im Dong-geon, guitarist Lim Hyun-jae, and drummer Lee In-woo. In 2015, the band gained mainstream popularity after participating in the popular Korean variety program. The band received positive responses […]

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LIVING IN GERMANY – Coronavirus – Corona Racism against Asian people

“Es gibt ja Rassismus wegen Coronavirus!” Coronavirus, such a hot potato for a recent topic, isn’t it? It has been spreading all around the world starting from Wuhan, China. As I live in Germany, I had to hear about lots of news happening in local. Most of it is not a good news, especially about […]

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Life In Germany – 5 Things You Must Know About Agentur für Arbeit

To people living in Germany, I am going to share you something you might not know. This post would be helpful to everyone related to working in the country for a while. *Just be noted that my postings related to Germany are written in perspective of foreigner, as I am. If you are looking for […]

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STUDY IN GERMANY- The Final Result of Master Application Comes Out

Series Of The PostSTUDY IN GERMANY – When can I get A Final Decision for Master Application? Hi, I am finally back with the result for master that I applied for summer semester 2020. For your short information of previous post, I am applying for international management as master degree. I got a final decision […]

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