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DAILY – Saturday Date Night – Visiting Home Decor Shop DEPOT

Today, I was supposed to go to the downtown with my boyfriend to get some special grocery and look around home decor shop. We got ready and headed to the shop called “DEPOT”. To briefly talk about what store is this about, Gries Deco Holding GmbH, who has DEPOT brand, is a German retail company […]

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HOME DECOR – INTERIOR – Top 2 Recommendable Curtain Designs

Recently, I have been so into choosing the right curtains for living room and bedroom for my apartment. First of all of the reason why I need to get another one, current curtain of mine does not really cover sunlight from outside well. Time to change it. Second of all, well, Let’s just say, I […]

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HOME DECOR – Collecting Inspiring Photos – how to design your home

Home decoration refers to the art and science of making an internal and external space more attractive and functionally useful for its residents. It used for decorating your home with various designer elements such as color, style of furniture, floor design etc. I have been also into Home Decor since I started living alone apart from my family. Since then, […]

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NEW YEAR 2020 SOON – Home decor light in Christmas 2019

Handing lighting as home decor as having Christmas in 2019. I wanted to get some mood, Christmas mood! As I got sick during the period, I could not have parties or drink on the days. Instead, I cheered my mood up by myself. I was so satisfied to play for decorating, though. Lighting was so […]

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