Fashion – Stella McCartney’s Green Life / Go For Sustainability


Stella McCartney is a person whose life is a brand. Most of what she does outside of the time of making clothes has to do with protecting the planet. 

Her beautiful tracks for sustainable fashion. And the story of Green Life acting through various non-profit campaigns she started.

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Can’t Believe It’s Not Fur!

Now, places like Los Angeles and San Francisco are proclaiming the city of ‘Fur Free’, but even a few years ago, the word ‘Fur Free’ was unfamiliar. 

However, after the 2015 FW Stella McCartney show, the public’s thinking has changed 180 degrees. “I used a lot of artificial fur in the past, but I wondered if it was valid and necessary. I was afraid that I was awakening my desire for real fur and promoting consumption because of the fake fur that looks like real fur,” said Stella McCartney. She clearly showed that the fake fur is not embarrassing, but more ethical and regal through the collection ‘FUR FREE FUR’, which clearly labeled it as a fake.
2015 FW Stella McCartney ‘FUR FREE FUR’ Collection, which changed the perception of faux fur


Vegan Sneakers Returning to Nature

 The ultimate edition of Stella McCartney-style vegan shoes, LOOP sneakers

The ultimate edition of Stella McCartney-style vegan shoes, LOOP sneakers

Sneakers Loop (LOOP), born after 18 months of research, is the definitive version of Stella McCartney’s ‘vegan shoes’ that she has been concerned about since her graduation fashion show. She has gone beyond finding materials to replace leather, the material of shoes, and has been working for years to reduce the adhesives used in the shoe making process. 

Finally, at the 2018 FW Collection, we introduced the perfect eco-friendly sneakers loop that can be recycled 100% as well as materials and manufacturing process. The loop connects the upper and the sole of the shoe using special hooks and stitches rather than glue. This makes it possible for the roof sneakers to be removed and recycled instead of throwing away the entire shoe if the upper is worn out. 

In addition, Stella McCartney has released adidas iconic sneakers Stan Smith and Hunter’s boots in a ‘vegan’ version through collaboration.

Spider Silk Dress

The Path Towards Sustainable Fashion - About Bolt Threads - Stella mccartney microsilk yellow and white dresses

Considered one of the luxurious materials, spider silk is known to be made from silkworm cocoons and some arachnids. Silk is weak in strength and is known to cause more environmental pollution than other fibers in the dyeing process, but because of its unique elegance, it was an indispensable material in the luxury fashion world. 

The Path Towards Sustainable Fashion - About Bolt Threads - model wearing stella mccartney microsilk dress
Image source

Stella McCartney presented an artificial spider web dress in collaboration with American biotechnology company Bolt Threads at the ‘Item: Fashion Modern’ exhibition held at the New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in 2017. This material, called micro-silk, has elasticity similar to that of rubber bands, and is 2-3 times stronger than the material used in bulletproof vests, and is made of protein, making it eco-friendly. “I am very excited to have the result that the three points of fashion, sustainability and technological innovation have been linked together, both personally and in business. I’ve spent a lot of my career looking for something like this, and finally I have this opportunity to unite these different industries together! ” 

This is why Stella McCartney is called a venture of sustainable fashion beyond fashion designers. Starting with the artificial spider web dress on display at Moma, the 2018 SS presented two looks made of spider silk, and this material was also used in the Adidas by Stella McCartney’s biofabric tennis dress in 2019.

Stella McCartney’s Non-Profit Campaign

2009, #MeatFreeMonday , which started with her famous Family, is about not eating meat on Mondays. Known as a vegan, she and her family show how much it is to reduce meat consumption for themselves and for the planet. 

In 2014, #CleverCare was presented with H & M and Jintex (Textile Care Labeling Association). Rather than washing clothes unconditionally, it is intended to protect the environment and extend the life of clothes with more care. The video with kind tips on clothes management was introduced on the brand homepage and social network channel. In fact, Stella McCartney herself doesn’t change her bra every day! 

In February 2019, welaunchedthe #ThereSheGrows relay campaign todonate trees to protect the ecosystem in Reuser, Indonesia. Stella McCartney donated a tree for her mother, Linda McCartney, and her ‘best friends’, including Guinness Fellow, Drew Barrymore, Cali Claus, and Kaia Gerber, lined up the campaign.

  • Beyond Fur-free, Meat-free! #Meat Free Monday, where all McCartney families are taking part .
  • #CleverCare, which introduces a clever way to dress
  • #ThereSheGrows, the biggest gift of all, the forest. Stella McCartney and her friends, Svenzers, participated in this!
Visit official website of Stella McCartney to see continuing green campaign!


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