Health Beauty – Daily Life – 5 Efficient Ways How To Improve Quality Of Your Sleep

Woman in Gray Tank Top Lying on Bed

Sleeping well is one of the most important things to keep you healthy. You will probably already know how tired you are in the morning if you could not get enough sleep last night.

Especially, we have to stay strong and be healthier in Coronavirus Pandemic Crisis. In this case, You can build up your good immune system with better sleeping.

How can we sleep better and nicer? I will share you the ways right now followed by some Experts.


1.Prepare Bed At Least 30 Minutes Before Sleeping

Body learns fast than you expect. If you are still busy with doing something like watching TV or Youtube, your brain never knows when to sleep being activated. Therefore, you better stay away from digital devices like Tv and Smartphone and close your eye at least 30 minutes before when you actually want to sleep.

Darker and comfier background light in your bedroom might help your body release your muscle and nerves for the perfect body status for sleeping.

2.Do Not Eat Right Before

Eating lat night snack is a terrible idea for you if you do want to get good night sleep after that. Late night food is not healthy at all for getting high quality of sleeping, because our organs need to take a rest.

You food at late time bothers your inside therefore, you will be not able to have a good sleep. Especially, spicy and oily food are the worst, therefore, do stay away from those at night! Avoid it 3-4 hours before sleeping.

Also, do not drink much. Depending on persons, light drink might help you fall asleep easily, however, heavy drinking is not good at all for deep sleep.

3.Empty Your Head

When you have something bad in mind all day, you can’t help but bring those thoughts to bed at night with it. All the worries must be released at least at night or your nerves and muscle would never loosen on the bed.


If you usually have worries and can’t sleep well, try meditation before going to bed or on the bed. This would help you get rid of bad thoughts which are not helping for your deed sleep.

4.Control Room Temperature, Keep your Hand And Feet Warm!

We are losing our body temperature while sleeping, therefore, finding and setting right room temperature is good for your body during the time. Do not heat up too much, because it does not help for high quality deep sleep.

Recommendations, keep your head cool but warm on your hands and feet. Make sure of being under your blanket for your blood circulation.

5.Get Sleep For 7 Hours (at least)

Yo might want to do something else on the end of the day. you may be wanting to watch movies an listen music at calm night after a long day. However, your body needs at least 7 hours to lie down for sleeping. It is specially needed for caring your immune system.

You have to give your body enough time to charge itself. Like, your smartphone! Optimizing your physical status can’t be enough to be emphasized of its importance.

Fawn Pug Lying on Bed Beside Sleeping Woman

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