Daily Essay – Compliments Do Not Cost But Make You Positive

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Nowadays, I am not sure if this is only what I have been feeling from others. But The thing is that people are being cheap and rude living in capitalism in somehow.

They do not want to admit that someone else is doing good job of what they actually want to achieve taking others down.

Especially in schools or workplaces, from kids to grown adults, ages do not matter on this issue. It is even sad that kids already got used to be raised being sly to win competition in school. Cheering up each other is no longer important for them to survive and rank the top on the competition. Friendship is gone and it is even worse to wealth raised kids. Smiling frond and talking behind is not surprising for them saying like ‘Everyone is doing that, what is so bad about it?’


Being successful in society could be so important for some people. But I insist that this does not take humanity down in any how. We are human with feeling and sense. We do have to feel warmth between. We have got to warm and take care of each other with positive words like compliments. Stop being bitchy and let yourself compliment others leaving jealousy behind.

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Also, If some people are hurt by harsh surrounding of them for living, others can pay attention of it and cheer them up with warm heart and words.

Most of people need encouragement of what they do for life. It is easily getting satisfied with simple compliment. Few warm encouraging words do not cost, however, it is the best treatment of the people. It does not make you feel taking down when you say good words for someone else who need those so bad. Try, and you will know it makes yourself even happier and much positive for your life.

Think serious again about living life in terms of “togetherness”. Perhaps, that is exactly what we need in modern society even between friends-friends to get less colder from realistic obstacles.

IF giving compliments is hard for you to try, Start with simple words like “Don’t worry, You Are Awesome and Special”, “You Look Great” or “Nice Job!”

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