Daily Essay – Looking Fool Does Not Mean They Are Actually Fool

Woman's Face

I do enjoy acting lively and behaving silly like I have no concern of life when I am with people like friends, Family or boyfriend.

But whenever I sense weird eyes on us from strangers around, I feel strange even more than they do. I had to try guess some possible thoughts of them.

What are they thinking about me?
Do they think I am actually fool?
Or Do they think I am embarrassing people with me?


To be honest, I am sincere tired of feeling those eyes toward me. I am mentally okay with average level of IQ like others. (Or more than average? I believe that I am smart.)

Amusing people I love should not be bad. I want to be funny to give laugh and smile to them. I do not care wherever I am in. Even in public, so what? I do not care! I only care of what people I love would think about.

Well Yes, I become depressed if I make people I love embarrassed because of my silly acting and behavior. But I shouldn’t just because of stranger’s eyes.

What I keep myself in mind again is that I am doing what I think it would be the best for me and people I love every single moment.

I do not want to have boring life but unique and funny. If it brings any silly and stupid moment to others in public, so be it. It is even better anyway than being boring. Moreover, In another words, Looking weird can be described as ‘Looking unique and unusual.’ I would consider it is super cool.

People, do not judge me or people like me. If you have time, why don’t you think about improving your life to be funnier and less boring?

We all have a right to get better life in our own way. Looking different does not mean anything and you do not have to take it serious even if it is out of your ‘normal’ level.

Enjoy, cheers to loosening your tension for chilling.

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All image from Pexel

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