BEAUTY NAILS – Self Nail Art of The Week 4 – Simple But Chic Black



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Hey Beauties Welcome to my post of pretty self-nail.

I guess 2 days ago, I got new self nail with black color for this week. I left my nail with nothing on it few weeks before this. Well, that was my plan, as my nails kind of got damaged from doing self nails much often. But I couldn’t leave those as they are. You Know Why?

I have a bad habit biting my nails. Sadly, I can’t really fix the habit which is out of control. I got it from my youth, so It is quite hard to fix in a second. Doing nails is not only for being pretty but also for preventing myself from biting those. I am thinking of it as Kill two birds with one stone.

A week ago, I changed my hair color from black to blonde, I want to have a remarkable opposite color of it. I thought combination of black and matt light blonde would look perfect, so I decided nail color for Black.

Enjoy what I have got as the outcome for little bit shiny, simple but chic black nails.


For its shape, I chose almond as usual. Ballerina tpe is still too far for me to try on as I have to do house work by myself every day, sadly. About other various nail shapes, check my previous post about this!

Next time, I am thinking about trying fancy type with glitter and crystals on. Keep paying your attention on my trying!

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