FLAT FOR RENT -GERMANY- 4 House Renting Platforms to check!

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When you are planning to stay in Germany a while, you will have to choose where to stay besides hotel. Staying hotels for months or years would be enormously too much in terms of cost, am I right? If there is no social community that you already know, you might feel quite hard not knowing where to get any information at first.

I share some house/apartment buying and renting platforms which would be helpful for you to find you own cozy place in Germany quite easily.



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‘ImmobilienScout24 is the leading real estate portal on the German-speaking Internet and the No. 1 for real estate. Every month we support around eight million people with a wide range of services, innovative products and valuable decision-making aids.

This platform and website is already so famouse that most of people know about it.
You can search offers not only for renting but also for selling and buying real estate. It has app service.

In my case, I easily found my previous places to stay without huge problems through this platform.
But here is my tip when you contact to house owner or real estate agent for any offers, you better try it in German language. Some of German people are not really happy when they get message in English, therefore, using German would increase possibility to get their reply. If you do not speak German at all, do not worry, we all have google translator.


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The name of platform is WG-gesucht, however, luckily, there are also lots of offers for simple flat. studio and house. It has app service as well.

*WG (Wohngemeinschaft)refers to a living arrangement in which several tenants share an apartment. Every tenant has their own room. Common areas such as the bathroom, kitchen and living room (if existing) are shared. Sometimes there are WG options in the dormitories.

This platform tend to have less offers and little bit more expensive of rent than immobilienscout 24. Still, there are useful offers that you have to check if you are eager to get the best place.

This platform might be more suitable for people who are simply looking for short term like few months. Also, there tend to be more private providers than companies like real estate agents, which can make you discuss about their offer much friendly and close. I also had a experience to get one room studio flat from private friendly previous tenant who offers on the site by himself.


3. ebay Kleinanzeige – immobilien

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Did you already know that you can also find house or flat on ebay Kleinanzeige platform?
There is a section for it on its website and app. Like immobilienscout 24, people sell and buy their properties as well.

Also, if you need help from moving companies, I guess you can see lots of offers and get one of those with quite reasonable price, as most of them are running their own small business. The service could be more customized and able to do close-talk about moving plan .



This platform is only for “Frakfurter”, sadly.

ABG FRANKFURT HOLDING GmbH operates both operationally and as a holding company. As a holding company, its task is to manage the subsidiaries Hellerhof, Frankfurter Aufbau AG, WOHNHEIM, MIBAU and SAALBAU. The ABG Group has a total of around 52,500 apartments and around 33,000 other rental units such as garage spaces and commercial units.

As there has been boom of developing real estate in Frankfurt since few years ago,ABG develops and manages real estate projects with private partners as part of subsidiaries with it.

You can find all the building projects or renting offers and service that they are running for. of course, all of that is happy in Frankfurt. Moreover, if you get lucky, you might be able to have a chance to get good deal. If you are in a social status getting financial support by government, there will be special offers only for those people.

You can find an overview of currently available real estate offers from ABG FRANKFURT HOLDING GmbH in our online databases. (as below capture, https://www.abg.de/wohnen/immobilienvermittlung/mieten/wohnungsangebote.php)

Getting your own nest abroad is truly hard to make it finally done but also what you have to if you are planning to live or stay a while. It is even harder and more tough to foreigners who are not fluent with German struggling to get used to different environment.

I always cheer foreigners who are trying to survive hear not giving up on their hard situation, as I am one of them. Head up and let us go ahead further !

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