TRAVEL – Portobello Road in London UK

Having a chilling day on a trip with my sister in UK.

I had to go to London to see my sister. Why I say ‘I have to’ is, because I have worked in Germany, therefore, I could barely see my family in Korea. Maybe, once or twice a year? Luckily, my sister said that she will be in London on upcoming flight. (She is a flight attendant.)

Missing feeling to my family dragged me into buying flight ticket only for weekend.
The flight ticket was quite expensive, but should I care? Nope, at the time.

We were heading to Portobello Road which is already so famous and popular to worldwide tourist thanks to Notting Hill.

Weather on the day was quite perfect to look around adorable street shop and sightseeing in London. We had a couple of beer in traditional pub and dropped by dessert cafe to get some cupcake. They looked too yummy to resist.

Two cupcakes from dessert cafe on site
Cute decor sign in one of street shops in Portobello
I don’t know why exactly, but I just wanted to sit on tip of street guard to taste cupcake.

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